Putting MittGrips To The Test

On a Sunday morning in late April, we were surprised to wake up to a winter wonderland.  Wanting to make the best of it, our family put on our snow gear and headed out to enjoy a full afternoon of winter fun. Despite the storm dropping a foot of snow, the weather was mild giving us ideal conditions to squeeze in all of our toddler’s favorite winter activities.

We started our adventure by building a snow man. First we rolled three snow balls, stacked them, then explored the yard for sticks and stones for its arms, eyes and mouth. We put everything in place and topped it off with a carrot for the nose (that is, once we were able to wrestle it back from our Springer Spaniel Floyd!).

We took turns making snow angels, then hit the slope with flying saucers. We started out the conventional way by sitting on the saucers. When we had enough, we decided to go down on our bellies with the saucers, and then without. All had a blast!

The outing lasted several hours. We finally hauled our droopy eyed toddler into the house for soup and tomato sandwiches. Once finished, content with the activities she curled up for a late afternoon nap. Dad and Mom were able to kick back and sip on a glass of wine :) 

When I think back to last winter; it's that Sunday afternoon that stands out. Everything about it was perfect. What made it different from earlier outings in the season? Not once did we have to think about her mittens falling off; they stayed snuggly in place for our entire outing. Our focus was spent enjoying our time with our toddler rather than fretting and trying to keep her mittens on.

We’re excited to share!