Wondering who's put MittGrips to the test? If so, this post is for you. :) We don’t want you to have to take our word for it. We found four awesome moms (and a few in the works) kind enough to put MittGrips to the test and share their feedback.

Our first mom is Crystal from Ideally Speaking. Crys, like many parents, was wondering how the heck she could keep mittens on her kids, and was excited to learn about MittGrips. According to Crys, MittGrips upheld their promise in spades. For the first time ever, neither she nor her husband had to put their daughter’s mitts back on. She also noted that her daughter’s shirt sleeves were bone dry when they went back inside. Her full review can be found on her blog.  

Our second mom is Jennifer from One Heart One Family. Jenn’s son loves the snow, but like the rest of us hates losing mitts (in the snow) or having them fill up with snow. They tried all sorts of solutions on the market without success; that is until they tried MittGrips. According to Jenn, “Whether you are a mom of a toddler who regularly likes to take off (and throw their mitts) during your morning walk or a child who loves snow just not in their gloves, then Mitt Grips are the solution you have been looking for!”. You can see Jenn’s full review on her blog

Our third mom is Reese from Reese Speaks. While not a big fan of the cold, her kiddies thoroughly enjoy playing in the white stuff. She said she constantly had to adjust mitts and brush snow out of coat sleeves. Reese said they’ll be having a lot more fun this winter now that their kids can use MittGrips to keep their mitts on and snow and cold out of their coats. Read Reese’s full review

Our fourth Mom is Karen from Kaley Davies. While her son loves playing in the snow, Karen dreads it since she’s constantly tucking mitts into coat sleeves. According to Karen, MittGrips are the most genius product ever. We’ll take that, thank you Karen :) Here’s Karen’s full review.

We’re also pleased to be featured in a few digital parent magazines including Thebabyspot.ca and Daily Mom.  Thebabyspot.ca says, “We  don’t want our child’s fun cut short and MittGrips has the answer!”.  See Full article. And according to Daily Mom, MittGrips are, “A genius, simple solution to keeping your toddlers mitts on, and the snow out. Why someone hadn’t thought about this years ago is a mystery… “. See full article

We’re really excited about what they have to say and hope you are too. Our goal is to make everyone’s winter adventure just a little bit better and we’re doing it one pair of MittGrips at a time!