We’re big believers in making the best of every situation. While we’re without a doubt on the countdown for warmer weather – we try and make it a point to get out and enjoy every frosty day we can! So... wondering what to do outside with the kiddies? Aside from all the usual stuff like building a snow man, sledding or making snow angels, consider one of the following:

Try identifying animal footprints left in the snow. We love seeing how many critters call our backyard home! The Farmer’s Almanac can help you figure out which furry friend the tracks belong to. 

Build a snow quinzee. This can keep you and the kiddies busy for days - even weeks!  Boys’ Life Magazine offers thorough instructions on how to make your own quinzee

Use plastic pots to make a snow castle. Even though we only have a few inches of snow, we still managed to pack our pots and create a mini snow city! While fun, the end result wasn’t all that pretty! We spent a bit of time surfing the web to see what others have done – and who can do it better than Martha? 

Hike a local nature trail. This is one of our favorite activities as it gives us an opportunity to take a moment to enjoy the fresh air, trees and critters! We’re lucky enough to regularly see deer and rabbits as well as birds and squirrels bounce from branch to branch.

Skiing – even if you’re not ready to take your toddler to the hill, you can help them get comfortable on skis just by pulling them around the yard with a ski harness. Here are a few sites with tips on teaching wee ones how to ski; Kidproject.org and Teachchildrenskiing.com

Plan for success! Aboutkidshealth.ca offers some great tips on bundling up the kiddies in winter weather. If you have a pair of mittens that stay in place with adjusting – then consider yourself lucky. If you’re like most, you’re adjusting every few minutes. MittGrips can help  :) Check out our project on Kickstarter

Happy outings!