MittGrips, for Mitts That Stay Put!

MittGrips are designed to give you peace of mind knowing your little ones mittens will stay snugly and safely in place.   No clips, no strings, no more cold hands!

How do MittGrips work? MittGrips slide over your child’s mittens or gloves and go under the jacket sleeves. This secures them in place, and makes it difficult for little hands to remove. They also prevent snow from collecting between the mitt cuffs and jacket, keeping them snugly in place. Made of heavy polyester spandex, they’re durable, versatile and work with all styles of mittens and gloves. 


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Product Details:

  • Easily slides over any style of mitten or glove
  • Stretchy fabric means it stretches as your child grows
  • Ambidextrous
  • Designed in Canada
  • Durable polyester spandex
  • Choose from a variety of colors


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