About MittGrips

As new parents and outdoor enthusiasts, we were eager to share the wonders of winter with our two-year-old daughter. Well, as most parents know, winter fun with a toddler involves a lot of mitten chasing and hand warming. At every turn, we were either adjusting or picking up a mitten. NOT MUCH FUN!

We tried several mittens and tactics all resulting in the same outcome - cold, chapped hands. Not surprisingly, many parents and caretakers we spoke to were experiencing the same problem and were looking for a way to keep mittens on their toddlers. So with nothing to be found on the market, we decided to make it our mission to come up with something that works.

After countless hours creating prototypes and testing them rigorously, we’re thrilled to say that our patent-pending design works! We’re delighted to share MittGrips with you and to make everyone’s outdoor adventure just a little bit better!

See how they work.