MittGrips. Finally, a practical way to keep your child's mittens on their hands.

Wondering how to keep mittens on your toddler? Developed by parents for parents, MittGrips are designed to keep your toddler’s mittens snuggly in place for their entire outdoor adventure.  No strings, no clips and no more cold hands!

Designed in Canada and made of sporty snug fitting spandex, MittGrips slide over mittens and gloves of all shapes.  Because they extend the cuff of the mitten up the forearm and tuck under the jacket sleeve, mittens are locked in place. This keeps snow out and makes it difficult for little hands to remove.

Keep your child safe and warm with the help of MittGrips so you can enjoy your winter outings! 

Got a little fashionista?  Choose from a variety of colors.