How do they work?

How do MittGrips work? We're glad you asked!

MittGrips aren't like other products on the market, they're not mittens or clips. They're unique little sleeves that slide over mittens or gloves which are then pulled snugly up the arm, under a jacket's sleeves. Their length and elasticity secure mittens into place, keep snow out and make it difficult for little hands to remove. 

They're designed to be worn inside a jacket's sleeve but are as useful when worn on the outside. Since MittGrips are made of a stretchy hydrophobic polyester spandex blend, they work with all styles of mittens or gloves and can be worn under or over jacket sleeves.

Here's the three step process:

1. First the Mittens

Place your child's favourite mittens onto their hands before bundling them into their coat.

2. Next the MittGrips

Now place the MittGrips over the mittens and pull them firmly up the arms. If your child is wearing a long sleeve shirt, go ahead and pull the MittGrips up over the shirt sleeves.

3. Then Coat

Once the MittGrips are in place, bundle your child up in their favourite winter gear and set them loose. You'll never have chase a mitten or clear out a snowy cuff again.

Give them a try and see for yourself! You'll never look at a winter day out with your wee ones quite the same ;)

Order yours today!